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Juliette Hand Vos


Desert landscapes are often environments of pure abstraction, where clarity, emptiness, and silence can simultaneously be a physical and psychological experience. Painting in the desert has helped me to understand that abstraction and representation pervade my art in a permanent interplay, one always harbors characteristics of the other. In that place where the world drops away, I continue to discover innate beauty in the exquisite patterns left by the flow of nature.


The Earth is my endless source. I create an abstract, illusionist pictorial space as I explore the factual materiality of my support and paint. Random, arbitrary detail may make some of the abstracts appear as contradictory, unintentional compositions or they may be intentional representation of a reference I recall. As I maintain a relationship with the source material, often the colors suggest a landscape or a hint of horizon. Abstract paintings are made in layers using chance and arbitrariness. Through the construction and deconstruction of paint I create deliberate pictorial structures.


Art is my personal alchemy; I use it for healing both body and mind. Art becomes a ritual, a type of consciousness that allows me to enter the cosmic space. The physicality of working on large canvases or supports allows one to interact with creation on a molecular level.

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