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HerbFest is an all organic, artisanal, hand crafted, small batch, natural brand of products formulated in the high desert with love and intention. We use only organic essential oils which provide superior and long-lasting fragrance. All of our products are non-aerosol with no harsh chemicals, dyes or artificial fragrances. Our ingredients are locally sourced and never animal tested. These products are kid and animal friendly. These products are all available on our FB and Instagram links.

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Lavender Linen And Room Spray

Two different strains of lavender essential oils give our natural room spray the real scent of lavender. Spray on pillows and sheets to relax your mind and body for an all-natural way to fall asleep.  Lavender essential oil promotes relaxation and has been shown to treat anxiety, fungal infections, depression and nausea. Use as a room or body spray to neutralize and deodorize your space, this spray is particularly effective against smoking odors.

Citrus Linen And Room Spray

Lemon and Orange essential oils are combined to give our natural room spray the invigorating scent of a summer day spent outdoors to enliven and refresh your home.  Lemon and orange essential oil helps against exhaustion, depression, inflammation, pain and stomach upset. These oils will refresh and cleanse your surroundings. 


Rose And Patchouli Linen And Room Spray

Exotic Rose and Patchouli essential oils are combined in an ancient combination designed to help you fight anxiety, stress and even headache pain. The essential oils move deep into your skin and the air in your lungs regenerating skin while comforting the mind. It will slowly relax your muscles and help your body reduce inflammation.


Buzz Off

Buzz Off- Our insect repellent is a DEET free, plant-based, all organic non- aerosol spray. Our product contains no fragrances, dyes or harsh chemicals. Buzz Off carries the high desert scent of sage, eucalyptus and pine. It is especially effective against black and deer fly, gnats (no-see-ums) and mosquitos. The CDC recognizes that the addition of lemon eucalyptus works by masking your scent making you invisible to these bugs and providing a nature friendly way for you and the kids to spend more time outdoors. Since there are no harsh chemicals, feel free to reapply as necessary.

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